“Vocational Victory: Lessons from God’s Manual”

September 13, 2008 by  
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Principles for the employed and unemployed. Why do you work? What does God say about work? Are you engaged in “work” or a “vocation”? Five essential questions for the employed. If without a job, are you “gainfully unemployed”? Lessons from biblical characters facing unemployment. Who is in your personal Human Resource Department?

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“How’s Your Flock”

September 11, 2008 by  
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Establishing and leading men’s and women’s discipleship ministries, adult bible fellowships and Bible study groups may be less about leadership and teaching and more about shepherding. Come learn practical truths about sheep and shepherding that you can apply to your ministries and groups.

How would you like to move beyond the strict definition of a “teacher” (“one who gives instruction and knowledge”) to the “pastor-teacher” referenced in the book of Ephesians (“a ‘shepherd’ nurturing a ‘flock’”)? What might happen if you moved beyond a “teacher-student” relationship to a “shepherd-sheep” relationship? What are you doing about the “straying and other challenging sheep” you are called to teach? What is a shepherd’s “classroom”? What is a shepherd’s “teaching time”? Do you hear your students? Isn’t that bleating?

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