Fellow Traveling“You want someone who ‘gets it’ and isn’t afraid to be honest. Someone who understands the challenges you’re facing and speaks with wisdom…a few steps ahead of you on the journey, but close enough to shine some light in your direction…someone to walk you through life’s experiences…guide you to answers and help you discover a new purpose and passion…” (Family Life Publishing, The Empty Nest). Brent has been doing this with men one-on-one for over 30 years. Since sometimes it has taken the form of discipling, mentoring or coaching or a combination of these, Brent has chosen to call the ministry “fellow-traveling”, modeled after Jesus’ fellow-traveling with two believers on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). Brent is available to teach these concepts to you, your small group, mid-size group, church or parachurch organization or preach on Fellow-TravelingSM.
Fellow Traveling

Brent presents this material in five one and a quarter hour sessions, covering all facets of the journey from inspiration as to why you should begin fellow-traveling to knowing when the journey is over.

Listen to one fellow traveler about to embark on a journey with Brent…

“It’s not until the formal call to full-time ministry with an actual start date that I felt overwhelmed and ill-equipped. Middle age and making a huge life change, I knew I would need someone in my corner during this adjustment; a coach, a mentor, an encourager to help guide me through what were certain to be some stress-filled days. I prayerfully approached Brent Amato to see if he would be willing to help me on this journey. I knew Brent to be a man of integrity, an excellent adult bible teacher, serious about his faith yet fun-loving, and most importantly, passionate about the ministry of mentoring men.

I did come to learn and understand just how passionate and committed he truly is. Brent had expectations, he had standards, he had rules, and he even had homework! And I am a better man, a better husband, a better dad, and a better servant to Jesus’ church for it.

Brent was genuine and open. He shared his life and in doing so, exposed some of his weaknesses, which allowed me to see more easily my own areas of weakness and he always gave me a plan to help overcome them. He was quick to encourage and never missed an opportunity to build me up. He prayed faithfully for me and my family, everyday. I know that because he told me and because I saw evidence of it. Brent listened. The guy is a lawyer and he let me do most of the talking! But he truly listened. And out of that listening came thoughtful instruction, careful correction, or simply just a knowing nod. Brent became a friend I knew I could trust. I also knew he cared. He took his role as coach and mentor very seriously. Before we began our journey, Brent asked me for my goals, my needs, and my dreams. Over the past year he has helped me prepare myself spiritually, mentally, and physically through spiritual discipline and practical biblical application to help me be better equipped to achieve my goals, meet my needs, and realize my dreams.

When we began this journey as fellow travelers, many things in front of me seemed like mountains, but when you are on the road with someone else, those mountains just don’t seem as big.”

Dean Scott
Executive Pastor
Medinah Baptist Church