Freedom in Christ

Brent Amato - Freedom in Christ

It is the best breed of dogs by far-The Labrador Retriever! For the Amatos, first there was Snickers, a chocolate lab who raised the Amato kids and now, Duke, the majestic lab who is my son’s “child” and my wife’s “grand-dog”. As one writer puts it, “As American as apple pie, the Lab is a rambunctious, loving creature…beloved for their endless enthusiasm…” Labs teach us a little about freedom. You see, Duke was born to run free, in the fields of life, or at least in the ordained “dog parks” in the Chicagoland area, without collar, leash or any restraints. Jason has taught Duke well and one of Jason’s commands when they are together out in a field or dog park (a command which I’m sure is Duke’s favorite) is the word “Free”, at the sound of which Duke is permitted to run on ahead or to wherever; free, because his Master released him for that delight. “Duke’s Delight” It’s a picture of Christian freedom. What about you-Are you truly free?


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