Brent Amato Leadership TrainingServing alongside adult ministry pastors and currently leading an Adult Bible Fellowship, Brent has developed a philosophy and materials to help you with your mid-size group ministries. These materials include the following.

Mid-Size Group Leadership
How does one lead a mid-size group? How does one build a team of core leaders for the group? What should happen during a meeting of the group? How does one conduct a leadership group meeting? How does one grow a group quantitatively and qualitatively? Strategies that work and don’t work.

Identifying and Recruiting Leaders
If it was “The Perfect Church/Organization”, there would be no need for more leaders or administrators. But since such is not the case, what are you to do? There is hope! Are there some clues for identifying these saints, crucial to the ministry. The answer is yes! Are there some methods for effectively recruiting those who you’ve identified? Again, the answer is yes!

Mentoring and Replicating Leaders
Just as Timothy & Titus needed Paul to enhance their ministries to the early church, the leaders and administrators in your church need someone to mentor them and be replicated. This is more “Fellow-Traveling”, so check out that page on this website and apply it to your leaders.

The Spiritual Gifts of Leadership and Administration
Brent presents principles around the following concepts;
1. Challenges for the church
2. What are spiritual gifts?
3. What are the purposes of spiritual gifts?
4. What are the spiritual gift of leadership and administration?
5. How are the spiritual gift of leadership and administration to be exercised?
6. Are leadership or administration one of your spiritual gifts?

Conflict Resolution
“You Got Conflict? What An Opportunity!”
What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word, “conflict”? Whether you like it or not, your church, adult bible fellowship/adult Sunday school class or small group can’t avoid it! Come learn what the Bible has to say about conflict, an inevitable fact of life, and conflict resolution, including principles from Crossroads Resolution Group LLC,, including “The Slippery Slope of Conflict”, “The Seven A’s of an Apology” and “The Four Promises of Forgiveness”. Remember Jesus’ words: “Blessed are the peacemakers….”

How’s your flock?
Establishing and leading men’s and women’s discipleship ministries, mid-sized groups and Bible studies may be less about leadership and teaching and more about shepherding. Come learn practical truths about sheep and shepherding that you can apply to your ministries and groups.

“‘The best seminar I have ever attended…I learned more about teaching and leading adults in one day than at any other time…Terrific, need to do it again.’

These are just a few of the comments received as a result of the teaching and lay ministry leadership training provided by Brent Amato. Brent was at the First Church of the Nazarene, Indianapolis, Indiana, in April, 2007 to provide both teacher and ministry training. His presentation on that particular day with regard to teaching spoke first to the “spiritual gift” of teaching and then to the passion for teaching. He then taught us on planing, preparing and presenting a lesson. Brent was insightful, contemporary, engaging and held the attention constantly of all who were in attendance.

Later in the day he moved to ministry leadership training and dealt with such topics as identifying and recruiting leaders and administrators, mentoring and replicating leaders, and Biblical conflict resolution. Again, the teaching was insightful, relevant, current and dynamic.

Brent is a gifted communicator and loves the Lord with all his heart. He simply wants not only to encourage, but also to teach others how to be effective as teachers and administrators. He wants those who teach or minister to become as it says in Corinthians, “living letters written on the tablets of the human hearts, not tablets of stone”. He has a passion for those “living letters”. He wants those who teach and minister to have a passion for Christ and to communicate that effectively by example. Brent’s ministry is a needed ministry as adult teaching and discipleship groups seem to flounder in so many different church venues. His personality and presentation are, without question, the best you can expect to experience. Most of all his love for the Lord comes through all of his encouragement and teaching. It was a privilege to hear and learn from Brent.

If given the opportunity, I would encourage every church with a small or mid-sized group ministry/Sunday School/discipleship ministry or those who should have one to take advantage of this ministry and teaching that Brent has to offer.”

Herb Jensen
Adult Sunday School Teacher