“A Church Between Senior Pastors”

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Brent Amato - A Church Between Senior PastorsIn the past, it was said, “There are two things certain about life: death and taxes.” Can I suggest a third thing that you are certain to encounter in your life? Change.

Change is part of a church’s life as well. Possibly the biggest change a church can face is the departure of its senior pastor. And when the pastor has been around for 21 years, it is change with a capital “C”. MBC in its 50 years has had four senior pastors. Sherrie and I have been attending MBC since the late 70’s and have experienced the departure of Pastor Higgs, Pastor Norris and now Pastor Peacock. Looking back, how have you responded to the departure of Pastor Peacock? We as humans react in a variety of ways (physically, mentally and emotionally) and are, with regard to Pastor Peacock’s departure, on a spectrum from “This is the end of MBC church life as we know it” to “No big deal”. Where are you on that spectrum? How are you reacting? What are you feeling? What are you thinking? What are you saying? What are you doing?

Let me take a different perspective? How do you react spiritually to change? How should you react from a spiritual perspective?

Now, let me change the perspective again-from reacting to preparing. Are you individually ready for our next Senior Pastor? Are we corporately ready for our next Senior Pastor? Are there any “clues” in Scripture about how we should be responding to our current “Senior Pastor-less” circumstances? Individually? Corporately? I believe there are “clues” and that’s where we’re headed

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