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Brent has been speaking to mens groups for over 30 years. His topics suitable for workshops to men’s retreats include…

Exit Strategy
Brent Amato - Exit StrategyWho in the workplace has not heard of the term? I wonder, however, how many employees have seriously considered the concept, much less have one? It’s never too early to start planning and avoid an exit strategy by default. Come listen to one fellow employee who, after years of wrestling with the concept, has executed the strategy. Reflect on what standard “retirement criteria” should not be part of a Christian’s exit strategy and the promise, purpose, prerequisites, players and planning involved in this great vocational adventure. Jeremiah 29:11

Brent Amato - Facing the Fire in the FurnaceFacing the Fire in the Furnace
Life happens and sometimes we find ourselves facing extremely tough circumstances, “a fire in a furnace”. For the Christ-follower, these times always raise important questions which must be answered. In the “furnace”, what should be your perspective? Who is with you? What should be your goals? What resources are available to you? Other than enduring, what should you be doing? What should happen when you escape?
Brent Amato - Living and Leaving a Legacy
Living and Leaving a Legacy
There are two pressing topics that always must be addressed and two related essential questions that must be answered: 1. What is left of our life- How will we live our remaining days? 2. Our legacy: What will we leave behind?

Brent Amato - Amato Family Time-a Strategy for Praying ParentsAmato Family Time-a Strategy for Praying Parents
Is it possible for a family with adult kids, living under their own roofs, to be on “the same page of prayer?” Consider what one family does to affirm that “The family that prays together stays together.”

“Growing From Boys to Men-Growth in Communication”
Normally men are never accused of being very communicative creatures. Brent Amato - Growing From Boys to Men-Growth in Communication What is good about the way boys and men communicate? What is not so good about the way boys and men communicate? What is the goal for all of our communication? Based on Nate Adam’s book, Separating the Men from the Boys.

“Your Heavenly Father”
A Father-Son dialogue about five attributes of our Heavenly FatherBrent Amato - Your Heavenly Father
God is a generational God
God is a faithful God
God is an Abba God
God is an adventurous God
God is a teaching God

Brent Amato - Vocational Victory“Vocational Victory: Lessons from God’s Manual”
Principles for the employed and unemployed. Why do you work? What does God say about work? Are you engaged in “work” or a “vocation”? Five essential questions for the employed. If without a job, are you “gainfully unemployed”? Lessons from biblical characters facing unemployment. Who is in your personal Human Resource Department?

Sexual Purity
Brent Amato - Sexual PurityPatrick Morley, the “Man in the Mirror” states that “For every ten men in your church, five will have a serious problem with pornography. Men are in a battle for their souls.”

We need to understand real-life sexual temptation that men are bombarded with everyday and be committed to help men live a Christ-honoring life in a world of sexual promiscuity. A grace-based approach begins with a creating a culture of accountability through ongoing relationships in men’s small groups where the tough questions can be discussed freely

Brent Amato - DATING HIS DAUGHTERA Dad’s Dating Dialogue With Anyone Dating His Daughter
Dads are called to be priests, providers and protectors. As a dad, what kind of “gate keeper” are you with the “studs” assaulting your castle? Here are some questions you and the “studs” need to deal with:
1. What do you know about my daughter? (I Peter 3:7)
2. Why do you want to date my daughter? (I Corinthians 4:5)
3. What should your relationship with my daughter look like? (Ephesians 5:25)
4. Can you “touch” my daughter? (Acts 24:16)
5. What can you do with my daughter? (I Corinthians 10:31)
6. Do you have any questions for me? (Proverbs 1:5)
7. Do I have any special concerns about you or the relationship? (Matthew 19:20)

Brent Amato - Youth Sports, A Microcosm LifeYouth Sports, A Microcosm Life
Having played (or attempted to play) every sport imaginable before his body went bad on him and then having coached his son and daughter and other kids in youth baseball, youth softball and youth basketball for many years, Brent has learned and taught his kids many lessons of life from the world of sports, which is a true microcosm of life. Whether it be affirming the true cliché, “It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.”, experiencing that youth sports like life sometimes isn’t fair or practicing strategies to deal with “youth sports parents” (the only thing bad about youth sports), Brent has much to share.