Last Words and the Last Word

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Brent Amato - Last Words and the Last Word “Rosebud”
“Citizen Kane”-Most movie critics list this 1941 movie as one of the best, if not the best film ever made. The story of a rich newspaper owner. Remember the start of the movie which depicted Kane’s deathbed scene and his last word: “Rosebud”, with a glass figurine with a snowy, winter scene, dropping from his hand to the floor. The rest of the movie is a depiction of his life story, but focused around attempting to decipher the meaning of his last word, “Rosebud”.

Last words are significant and many times by the conscious choice of a dying individual, last words reflect what was most important to the speaker, maybe even reflecting that person’s essence, the most intimate clue as to what made that person tick.

My birthday was yesterday-another of the annual milestones, that keep coming at me with what seems to be increasing speed. When I stop and think the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes I’ve logged…Well, I stop and think. More often, these days, I have been thinking about last words, or in a more general sense, finishing life and finishing it well.

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