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Since his first year of law school in 1972, Brent has been active with the Christian Legal Society, a national, 501 (c) (3) membership organization established in 1961, consisting of Christian lawyers, law students and other interested parties, committed to ministry to and through lawyers and law students.

Its vision statement is

“A growing nationwide fellowship of Christian lawyers and law students who act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”

Its mission is

“To inspire, encourage and equip Christian lawyers and law students, both individually and in community; to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study and practice of the law, the provision of legal assistance to the poor and needy; and the defense of religious freedom and the sanctity of human life.”

Brent has been part of its leadership for over 30 years. He served on the Board of Directors for many years and as its President from 1994-1996. Brent is currently a part-time staff member at CLS. He has published articles for its Journal and been a speaker at its national, regional and local conferences. He is available to speak to your group of Christian lawyers or law students. Brent is also available to meet one-on-one to disciple, mentor or coach lawyers and law students. Some of his speaking topics include:

“Practice With the Perfect Partner”
Most lawyers aspire to be a partner in a Firm. But have you stopped to consider which Firm and with which partner? There is only one “Perfect Partner”, one “Senior Partner” that is worth seeking as a partner. Paul, an excellent lawyer of his day knew this after a while. He describes to the Corinthians his “practice” as “working together with Him.” He is Brent’s “Perfect Partner”. Come learn about Brent’s pilgrimage to that partnership and what it looks like.

“The Pharisee in Me”
I suppose it is in all of us to one degree or another, but this “lawyer” is all too prevalent in Brent and his practice of law and life. Paul identifies this challenging “role model” (Philippians 3:4-8) and Brent identifies with it all to well. What does this “practice of law and life” look like and what are the antidotes?

“The Legal Secretary – Slave or Sacred?”
To many lawyers, the legal secretary or paralegal is indispensable, but is there any consideration of ministry here? God has much to say about employment relationships, principles which apply to these relationships. Test yourself in this regard and see how you’re doing!

“Pilgrim’s Progress Through Law School”
Notwithstanding his insights on Christian living in Pilgrim’s Progress, I bet the author never went through Law School. What did one “Pilgrim” experience and learn through his three years of the Socratic Method, his “Paper Chase” and the many challenges along the way? And most important: Did he, like Paul, “finish the course”?

“How to Pass a Law School Final Exam and Grow Closer to God”
Is it possible? Aren’t these mutually exclusive exercises? How about a miraculous integration of the two, involving strategies before the exam, during the exam and after the exam?

See Brent’s article, “Follow Me” (The Christian Lawyer-Fall, 2016; published by Christian Legal Society – discipleship for the Christian lawyer and law student.)

Sam Casey
“When I first met Brent Amato he encouraged me with his jovial words and good example to believe that being a truly Christian lawyer is a noble and achievable calling with, in his words, “God’s help”. Since then, I suspect not a day has gone by without Brent encouraging, mentoring, and communicating with lawyers and law students in one way or another through his work with the Christian Legal Society and his service in various ministries.

So what do you get when you combine a talented and amiable father of two and husband to his beloved wife of his youth, with a passion for Christ and a transcendent vision for what is true, good and beautiful about law and life? You get Brent Amato. If I were you, I’d invite him to speak with you or address your group or organization. You will be pleased that you did.”

Samuel B. Casey
Former Executive Director and CEO
Christian Legal Society