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Brent Amato Teacher TrainingTeaching should be like a good meal, prepared and served excellently. There needs to be passion for the meal. Meals need to be planned, prepared, and presented well. The teacher training material provides the following sections which can be presented in comprehensive training or stand-alone sections;

Passion for the Meal
Planning the Meal
Preparing the Meal
Presenting the Meal
The Culinary School

Teacher Training Course Materials

Teacher Training Course (hard copy)

Teacher Training Course on CD (customizable & reproductive)

Teacher Training Course on DVD (6 session taught live)

Teacher Training Course on DVD (with hard copy & course on CD)


Brent has developed and presented the following topics;
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“The Ten Truths for Terrific Teachers”
If adult class teachers were asked what is the single most important truth of teaching, what would it be? Maybe there’s a truth or two for you to learn. Come enhance your teaching ministry by comparing notes with other teachers.

“Building a Strong Mid-Sized Group Teaching Ministry”
“If our church has a strong adult teaching ministry, it is because…..” How would you fill in the blank? Come check out your church’s ministry against six “non-negotiable” components of an effective program. If a church has a strong adult teaching ministry, it is because the church…

1. Understands the spiritual gift of teaching and facilitates its proper exercise.
2. Effectively identifies and recruits teachers.
3. Is committed to mentoring and replicating teachers
4. Effectively evaluates teachers
5. Has a curriculum policy
6. Has a teacher training course

The Spiritual Gift of Teaching
Brent presents principles around the following concepts;
1. Challenges for the church
2. What are spiritual gifts?
3. What are the purposes of spiritual gifts?
4. What is the spiritual gift of teaching?
5. How is the spiritual gift of teaching to be exercised?
6. Is teaching one of your spiritual gifts?

Identifying and Recruiting Teachers
If it was “The Perfect Church/Organization”, there would be no need for more teachers.” But since such is not the case, what are you to do? There is hope! Are there some clues for identifying these saints, crucial to the ministry. The answer is yes! Are there some methods for effectively recruiting those who you’ve identified? Again, the answer is yes!

Mentoring and Replicating Teachers
Just like Apollos needed Priscilla and Aquila to enhance his ministry to the Jews of the early Church, the teachers in your church need someone to mentor them and be replicated. This is more “fellow traveling”, so check out that page on this website and apply it to your teachers.

I’ve Got a Question for You
Of all the teaching techniques, what do you think is the most effective? What is a good way to determine if your students are learning from you and connecting with you? Do you know how many questions Jesus asked that are recorded in the Bible? Why do you think Jesus asked so many questions? What do questions communicate about the teacher? What do questions communicate to the students? What are good and bad questions?

Seven Days in the Life of a Weekly Bible Lesson
When do you start preparing for your weekly Bible lesson? The night before you teach or right after you teach? Where do you prepare for your weekly Bible lesson? In your study or in your shower? How do you prepare for your weekly Bible lesson? Just enough or never enough? Come consider what might happen during those seven days.

Creative Teaching
When was the last time you were bored with a teacher’s presentation of the Word of God? Notice I said “when” not “Have you ever been”. We all can recall that “worst student nightmare”. Should not the teaching be that of a “Master Teacher”? Should not the teaching of the Word of God be creative, like God the Father, the teacher of the nation Israel and choice saints, who “In the beginning…created…”? Should not the teaching of the Word of God be creative like Jesus, “the Word who became flesh”, the teacher of disciples, religious leaders and the multitude? Come learn “The Amato Dozen”, creative tools to be used for the glory of God in presenting a Bible Study.

Teaching Wouldn’t be so Hard if it Wasn’t for the Students
You all have some or all of them in your group. At times, if you were honest about it, you would rather they not show up or even worse, you’d like to “nuke” them! But they are part of your group and God has called you to teach them, shepherd them, even love them! You know who they are. I call them the students brought to you by the letter “D”: “The Distracted”, “The Detour”, “The Dominator” and “The Destroyer”. Come learn general and specific strategies for dealing with each.

How are Your Sheep?
How would you like to move beyond the strict definition of a “teacher” (“one who gives instruction and knowledge”) to the “pastor-teacher” referenced in the book of Ephesians (“a ‘shepherd’ nurturing a ‘flock’”)? What might happen if you moved beyond a “teacher-student” relationship to a “shepherd-sheep” relationship? What are you doing about the “straying and other challenging sheep” you are called to teach? What is a shepherd’s “classroom”? What is a shepherd’s “teaching time”? Do you hear your students? Isn’t that bleating?

Steve Lizzio
“I am excited to recommend to you the ministry of Brent Amato. I had the privilege of serving side-by-side with Brent for nine years at Medinah Baptist Church and he is by far the best teacher/communicator with whom I have ever served. His passion for God´s Word, along with his creativity and commitment to excellence sets him apart. He is truly a gift to the Church!”

Steve Lizzio
Pastor of Community Life, Centreville Baptist Church